Summertime At The Cottage 2020 

We are now accepting applications for our Summer Camp which will run from June 22 - August 14. You have the choice of choosing from four exciting 2-week sessions, or sign-up for all!


Session 1 - June 22 – July 3 - Are You The Next Picasso?

Discover the work of the masters: van Gogh, Picasso, O’Keefe, and more! Explore their techniques and create
masterpieces of your own! Parents are invited to visit our Art Exhibit at the end of our session.

Session 2 - July 6 – July 17 - Summer on the Farm: From Farm to Table

Explore a variety of materials for building – fabric, wood, PVC pipes, stones, etc…and create components to be put together to create a giant movement course! Pulling, pushing, weaving…jumping, hopping, reaching!

Session 3 - July 20 – July 31 - The Magical World of Insects

Explore the incredible world of our Beneficial Bugs and see just how important they are to us. Discover their role and howe they help us. We will also learn about the parts of insects, their life cycle and habitats.

Session 4 - August 3 – August 14 - Dinosaurs and Fossils

From large to small; flyers to land walkers; plant to meat-eaters - this session s sure to bring out the paleontologist in all of us! You'll learn about the dinosaurs of different eras and enjoy your own digs... who knows what you may discover!

Camp runs 6/22 – 8/14. Call today for application, limited spaces available.

(559) 222-6600



8:30 - 12:30     Half-day               $300

9:00     3:00     School Day           $350

8:30     4:30     Full Day                $375

Extended hours can be arranged, if needed. Please speak to the Director.

Your deposit of $100 and the one-time $35 summer registration fee, must accompany your enrollment form in order to reserve a space for your child. The deposit will be applied to your first session tuition.  If you choose not to attend, your deposit will be forfeited. 

*Currently enrolled students will have first priority until April 1.  On April 2, enrollment will be open to the public and will be on a first come, first served basis. We have limited enrollment for summer.  Thank you.

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