"I am thankful for the nurturing environment that Cottage Montessori has provided for my son. I believe it is because of the Montessori education he continues to be a caring young man who is able to resolve conflict and have fun with his peers. He genuinely loves to learn and does so with self-disciple and internal motivation. The Montessori classroom environment has all of the fundamental elements to help students self-regulate, to care for self and others, to become independent critical thinkers for life and that is what the Cottage has provided for my son.

The Cottage is a little community of young minds encouraged to explore, question and discover together and independently with the support of teachers who hold true to the Montessori philosophy."


"Both my children attended Cottage Montessori last year and they loved it.  They learned a lot and had a great year but my biggest take away was how Ms. Mary and the Cottage teachers helped my children navigate their own emotions.  Ms. Mary has so much wisdom when it comes to helping little people deal with their big feelings.  Time and time again, I would watch Ms. Mary gently remove the emotional charge from a situation and skillfully empower the children to talk through their conflicts and feelings and then solve their own problems.  She taught me a lot about my approach to parenting and her hard work was reflected in the beautiful little community that she and the teachers created.  The Cottage is a very special and unique place in Fresno.  A little gem of a school that people must visit in order to witness the magic."